Rough Passage, part II

(for Charleston, South Carolina)

God of empty tomb and parted seas,
hear the prayers of your people,
for this is the moment
before the miracle
when seas are rough
and we cannot see land.

Awaken, O God, and help us believe
that you have not abandoned ship.

Speak to the violent of heart:
“Peace, be still!”
and may this storm, too, obey.

Hymn for a Rough Passage

The water is wide, I can’t cross over,
Nor have I wings, that I could fly.
Give me a boat that can carry two
And both will row, my Love and I.

Though seas be deep, and waters rough,
Though stormy wind and tempest wail,
We will cast off for the farther shore
And let God’s Spirit swell the sail.

I cannot see the other side;
What lies ahead is mystery.
By grace alone shall my wand’ring soul
Come safe to land across the sea.


(Painting by Peggy Anderson)

(1st verse traditional, 2nd and 3rd by Liza Knapp).