Palm Sunday Prayer

It is easy to sing praises
when the palm branches wave and spring is in the air.
It is easy to speak out
when it costs us nothing and earns us applause.
It is easy to march
when the sun is shining and the police are friendly.
And it is easy to fall away, when the seasons change.
O God of the broken, God of the cross, God of the scattered stones:
Give us courage enough to stand with You until the bitter end;
and hope enough to rise in the morning, when You begin again.

(NB: Did I write this? Possibly.  If you know otherwise, please tell me.)

Not an easy peace…

Not an easy peace, not a lazy peace, not an uneventful peace,

But the peace of a heart at one with its God.

Not an easy path, not a well-worn path, not a predictable path,

But the path that leads to a world reborn.

Not an easy faith, not a blind faith, not a guaranteed faith,

But a faith that dares and asks and risks.

This is what we have come here seeking:

Nothing less than the living God.